Apple iPhone 4G Teardown

Gizmodo are still publishing a lot of details about the iPhone 4G they managed to sneakily get hold of. Their latest on the iPhone 4G provides a teardown showing some of what’s inside although Apple [AAPL] have managed to do a good job at sealing the CPU and mainboard by encasing it in metal.

Some of the main changes include a main board that’s about 1/3 of the size of the iPhone 3GS. Apple seem to have crammed everything in to a smaller space perhaps to make way for the larger battery (17% larger). Also it shows how far technology can change within a year.

Although we won’t find out till June 22 if this is indeed the iPhone 4G for sure (although evidence strongly suggests it is), we just have to make do with the pictures we have and assume it is for now.

Gizmodo point out that ever bit of space within the phone has something crammed in to it, but also mention the final iPhone might not get all the features found for various reasons such as costing problems, manufacturing problems or that they might take some parts out for use in future models. All is still unknown with a lot of guess work involved.

All the pictures can be found over at Gizmodo (linked just above). Enjoy!

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