Apple iPhone 4G Spotted Again

After the huge leak over on Gizmodo about the Apple iPhone 4G, we are now seeing more pictures of what looks to be a slightly updated prototype model. When we say updated, we mean a couple of screws around the dock connector are not on this version captured by camera.

Other than that the phone appears to be a prototype due to the XXX stamp on the back although this model of the Apple iPhone 4G looks to have 16GB of storage.

The phone was captured on a Vietnamese website which we assume had close contacts with the factory where the iPhone 4G is being built for Apple [AAPL].

Several more pictures can be found below with full details found over here. We are just not quite sure how quick Apple will find those responsible for the leaks. It certainly has been a bad couple of months for the company though who essentially have lost two iPhone 4Gs now.

What we see on the pictures is the phone running some kind of test I guess showing that the CPU, memory and GPU is functioning correctly. What it does seem to lack is an actual OS unless this loads up after a test. We probably won’t find out for sure though.



  1. iPhoneConnection says

    Again?! Can we be sure that this genuinely a leaked product or a PR stunt?

    • It just doesn’t seem like the style of Apple to get PR on a product. They already dominate tech blogs when launching products so I can’t see them testing a new way of promoting something.

  2. Dude its not a new way of promoting them… the iPad didn’t do as well as apple planned.. so they accidently let one or two out and you think its there PR on the product? I guess you could call it that.. EVERYONE is waiting for the 4.0 operating system and the new 4G. So of course there going to throw a couple curve balls out there. There also going to hold off on releasing it longer so that the ipad has more of a success. A lot of people either don’t know about the ipad or its capablitiies.. which just like the iphone get better and better as new updates come out. People also don’t know that if you are a college student you can download all of your textbooks at a 1./4 of the price.

  3. moiz salee varind says

    iPhone 4G again has a controversy, with another phone being tracked-down, se photos, details and tear-down pics all on my tech website :

    btw, this is not spam – Editors note – yes it is! Spammy links edited out

  4. James Coleman says

    Pretty cool that we can actually hold this device now. Still undecided if the leak was intentional by Apple though – sounds like a PR stunt!

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