Apple iPhone 4G Pictures Emerge

Leaked pictures have arrived claiming to be the next gen iPhone which we believe will be called the Apple iPhone 4G or iPhone HD. Unlike the fake renderings of last week and previous iPhone HD/4G concept designs which of course are not real, these pictures “might” actually be the real deal.

Reasons for believing this is due to several pictures being revealed since January at separate times that show a device that looks almost the same in all instances. If you remember back in January just before the iPad announcement, some leaked shots were posted on the internet of the iPad that was locked down to a desk. If I remember correctly, Steve Jobs mentioned in his presentation the day after that they were the real deal. In that picture (posted below – top image with white squares), you might notice on the top right of the image just above the two white squares that there is a corner of a mobile phone. Compare that to the images found below and you might see a resemblance of the top right of the phone that has a rectangular button with two round buttons below.

Next, we also hear that some pictures of the same device were posted on Twitter back on February 20 (bottom picture). So, with a mixture of phones that match up over a few months and pictures of a test bed at Apple [AAPL] it appears that we might know what the iPhone 4G will look like.

So far from what we understand, the screen on the iPhone 4G will have a higher resolution. The phone will have a front facing camera and a 5 megapixel rear facing camera. The regular SIM slot will be replaced with a microSIM slot like the iPad 3G will have. We also hear that the new iPhone 4G will have a glass/ceramic backing that is radio transparent.

Via: Engadget(1,2) and Geeky Gadgets


  1. hate the design!!!!!

  2. I hate the design too! They should leave the phone shape the same because that’s the foundation of the design.. I say keep the 3Gs shape and style but add other features to it still like the camera (5.0 mega pixel, zoom, flash) . I won’t be buying the new iphone 4g cus it looks like an ice cream sandwich. its not curvy on the back now its flat and its more rectangle and skinny. I think they even condensed the screen and its not so wide its skinny which makes you loose more screen.

  3. i am very happy when i seen the 4g. 1st i loved this stylishness and i thought that if i want to buy any mobile next time i have to buy this only. because rectangle i like very well.

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