Apple iPhone 4G Leaked Pics

We came across some pictures this morning of a device that is claimed to be the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD as some are referring to it as. The image show the back cover of the device and it appears to be heavily inspired by the Apple iPad with squared edges rather than the smooth curves of the current iPhone.

Of course these could be fan made and probably are, but they still look good enough to publish here if not just to see what we might be in for when the official announcement is supposedly being made on June 22.

On the back of the casing, 64GB is etched on indicating that Apple [AAPL] are increasing the storage capacity of the iPhone, which to be honest, wouldn’t come as a surprise. Also it says Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China.

Other text can be seen on the images but due to the low quality the writing isn’t clear enough to see.

We also notice that down the sides of the device are cut-outs for where we assume the volume toggle and silent switch will be going. On the back is a hole for a camera which is rumoured to be 5 megapixels.

We’ll post more details about the iPhone 4G / HD as we get them although just remember for now they are just leaks and do not necessarily mean a thing.

Via: MacRumours


  1. Clive Sinclair says

    These are fake – already covered on

    Check out the slanted text on the second picture. Bad photoshopping.

  2. It is fake you can look through the holes on the phone and see the table.

  3. It’s just the back shell if it is even real at all. You can see the table through the holes in the case.

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