More Apple Tablet Shots Found

Leaked images of what is thought to be the Apple Tablet have been sent in to Engadget late last night that show the device running some kind of mapping application as well as the tablet being compared to an iPhone.

Of course the pictures cannot be verified until we know what the device will look like “if” it is unveiled today. From what we see in the pictures the Tablet device looks to either be in some sort of funky case, or perhaps bolted to a desk to prevent staff stealing/borrowing it.

When compared with the Apple [AAPL] iPhone it appears that the tablet will have either a 9 or 10 inch screen. The back of the device is said to be aluminium and as for pricing it is expected to be $800 on contract or $1000 off contract and being made available in March.

Full details should be unveiled today if all these rumours are correct. If nothing about a tablet or Apple iSlate is revealed by Apple then it’s time to swiftly move on!


  1. Wauw, cant wait for it!

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