Apple iPhone 4G Parts Surface Again

After several leaks regarding the next generation iPhone 4G, we again see another leak has surfaced. This time it’s for a spare part which we haven’t seen before. The spare part is a sub-frame assembly that is basically the centre part of the iPhone 4G that holds the thing together.

The site, iPhone Portugal, managed to purchase the sub-frame from China and have the part(s) delivered to them. Confirmation of them being genuine will be hard to achieve. ZDNet point out that no Apple [AAPL] logo can be found on the subframe and that it potentially could be just a knock off although the quality does look to be of a premium product standard.

One thing we do notice is that this iPhone 4G subframe has a couple of screw holes either side of the dock connector. These were spotted on the Gizmodo iPhone 4G, but on the Vietnamese iPhone 4G, they were gone.

We wont find out for sure what the iPhone 4G looks like perhaps until next week when it is rumoured that Steve Jobs will formally announce it at WWDC 2010.

What we do have a good idea of is what will be found inside. From what we hear, it will have a very high resolution screen that can display 960 x 640 pixels (four times the amount of pixels that the iPhone 3GS currently has). Also we believe there will be a regular rear facing camera and a forward facing camera for video calls. A custom CPU is also expected in the device along with more RAM and possibly more storage although the leaks indicate the limit will be 32GB still.

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