Apple iPhone 4G Expected to be Announced Today

Today, June 7, will hopefully bring an end to all the Apple iPhone 4G leaks and rumours we have been hearing and seeing for the last few months. The main leak of the iPhone 4G from Apple [AAPL] was when Gizmodo managed to get hold of a prototype a couple of months back. Since then we have seen leaks spring out from a few countries around the world including Vietnam.

Now that we have seen the insides and outside of the iPhone 4G (or iPhone HD, or whatever it will be called), we are now expecting to hear official word from Steve Jobs himself today at WWDC.

Things that we expect to hear about the device are as follows…

The iPhone 4G is expected to have a 960 x 640 resolution effectively giving it four times the amount of pixels that the current iPhone 3GS has. The display is said to be similar to the iPad in that it will use IPS (in plane switching) along with another new technology called FFS (fringe-field switching). This could also get interesting in terms of apps for the Apple Pad… could the new iPhone apps optimised for a higher res look far better than they do now when scaled up? We hope so. Read on for more…

The iPhone 4G is said to have a larger battery than previous models. To be precise, 17% larger. Apple has achieved this by shrinking down the parts inside the phone allowing for more space to be used by the battery. The parts are about 1/3 of the previous size. It isn’t clear how much extra juice will be provided, or if the larger battery is being used because the new processor inside requires more juice to run… hence the same battery life as we get now. This should also be revealed today.

Two cameras are to be found in the iPhone 4G with one facing back and one facing forward for video calls to be made.

Although there’s lots more involved in the new iPhone 4G, we also hear it could be made available in white. Previous iPhones have had white options available but that has been the back plate and not the front face. The iPhone 4G was spotted in complete white also.

Do you think Apple is going to surprise anybody with the launch of the iPhone 4G today? I guess there’s just a few loose ends to tie up such as them confirming the name of it (iPhone HD we suspect) as well as pricing details and perhaps confirmation of how apps will be developed and if they will be backwards compatible with iPhone 3GS, 3G and 2G models due to the quadrupling of the screen resolution. We’ll have all the official answers today assuming Apple do go ahead and announce the new smartphone.


  1. I have browsed a lot of comments today about iPhone 4G, absolutely hot topic~ I am so exciting about the news cauz I am an iPhone fan since I have owed my first iPhone. On the other hand, I am a little worry about whether my iPhone 3G apps also work well on the new version, here is my apps list on my iPhone now:

    Shazam- a free music application tells you what songs you’re listening to, what artist sings it, and where to buy it.

    Winx DVD to iPhone Ripper-convert the DVD content to iPhone

    Google App for the iPhone- I use this to search my phone for items such as Contacts, Applications, etc.

    eReader-I use it to download ebooks directly to my iPhone.

    WeatherBug-offers sooooo many worldwide locations whether. Totally satisfy even the most traveled users.

    So what’s my next plan? Of cause ,waiting for the iPhone 4G release day then test if my apps work well on the new version. Good luck for me~

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