Android Ice Cream Sandwich Ported to Nexus S 4G

Google [GOOG] launched the Android 4.0 SDK just a few days ago and already we have seen the new version of the operating system ported to another smartphone. The first phone to get the unofficial update is the Nexus S 4G.

The update was done by a user on the Android Central forums called Breezy and although it’s up and running, it isn’t ready for you to download yet as a ROM. Porting ROMs over isn’t just a matter of copying the OS on to the device as each device is different and the OS needs tweaking in various ways to function correctly. Depending on the complexity of the task it could take from a few days to several weeks or months before it’s stable enough to use.

We suspect that the few remaining problems wont take too long to fix. At the moment there’s a problem with WiFi, Bluetooth and making phone calls. Also, the touchscreen interface isn’t up to scratch. Expect an update in the next few days to fix these though and when done, the ROM will likely be made available for you to install on your Nexus S.

We also expect other devices to follow along soon although we’ve not seen any reports of those just yet.


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