Amazon App Store Could Go Live March 22

We hear today that Amazon could be launching the Android App Store as early as tomorrow. Last week, we saw a brief glimpse of what it might look like, which we assumed was in preparation for an upcoming launch.

The Amazon App store was first mentioned in September last year and was described as being Amazon’s take on the app store. What that means is that apps will be curated by Amazon reviewers, and if apps pass the test, they are allowed in the store.

We also understand that Amazon will be offering exclusive apps to the store as well as pricing apps, in some cases, differently to those in the regular Android Market.

The new Amazon App Store is believed to work by users installing the Amazon App Store App on their Android device and once installed, it will give access (via your Amazon username/password), to all apps available to your device. The web based version will also be available which is believed will allow users to click to buy in the store, and then the app will either be pushed, or perhaps made available for download, on the Android device.

There are concerns about another app store as it could confuse things a little. On the positive side though, Amazon is a huge company which accepts payments in a number of countries around the world. Accepting payments for apps is something that Google [GOOG] isn’t the best at due to limitations on the Google Checkout service.

Expect Amazon to launch it tomorrow and once ready, you should be able to direct your browser to to see what the company has available for download. Also note that prices are different in the Android Market and Amazon App Store, so when buying, make sure you see which is the cheapest option if you want to save anything from a few cents to a few dollars.

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