Amazon App Store Briefly Leaked

We’ve known for a while that Amazon is launching its own App Store. The website for it actually was put online for a few hours it seems as users entering were taken to a web page showing 48 available apps, although each app redirected back to the homepage. Before you check it, we not note that /apps also redirects to the homepage now although there is a screen shot below.

Within the app store, a number of apps were found, some of which are a bit cheaper than the official Google Android Market and some were a little more expensive. We also note that a few apps were found to be exclusive to Amazon.

It isn’t known at the moment when Amazon will officially launch their version of the App Store. We expect that what we saw was just a test site, but that it will probably resemble what we see when it finally launch, of course with more details, categories and a more fuller experience.

Androidnews has a list of all the apps that were found in the store.

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