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iAd Developer Revenue Increased from 60 to 70 Percent

Apple [AAPL] has increased the percentage for the developer using iAds from 60 to 70 percent. The increase is an attempt to make the iAd service more popular than other options that are currently available.

The iAd network allows developers to embed code in to their apps so that banners (iAds) are displayed and when displayed a portion of revenue is given to that developer.

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Details of the Xbox 720 “Leaked”

Some “leaked” information about the next gen Xbox were detailed today. Although we say leaked, they are also probably just a little bit made up as well, but either way, I’ll post about them so you have something to think about.

First the downside. We hear that the new Xbox 720 will have tighter DRM controls that will require an almost always-on internet connection so that the Xbox can call back to “authenticate” whatever is being used in the drive.

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10 Million Samsung Galaxy SIII Pre-orders Rumoured

Although no release date has been provided yet, a rumour is hinting that over 10 million pre-orders for the new (and yet to be announced) Samsung Galaxy S III have been made.

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