10 Million Samsung Galaxy SIII Pre-orders Rumoured

Although no release date has been provided yet, a rumour is hinting that over 10 million pre-orders for the new (and yet to be announced) Samsung Galaxy S III have been made.

The pre-orders will have been made by operators around the world who expect the device to sell extremely well. The information comes in a hint from Eldar Murtazin when comparing the device to a Samsung Galaxy Note and labelling it a niche device.

At the moment it is believed that the SGS3 will launch at the end of this month or perhaps early to middle May. No announcement by Samsung has been made but it appears that they will be running the timing of the announcement similar to how Apple announces devices… just days or a week or so before launch.

The Samsung Galaxy S III will likely be the top device of 2012 due to the popularity of previous versions. The original was fast and was followed up with an even faster second version. The third will continue to refine the device even more.

As soon as Samsung provides the details, we’ll post them here.


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