New ZTE Light Android Tablet Announced

At a Beijing exhibition, the Chinese manufacturer ZTE (global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions) have just announced the release of their new touch screen tablet PC and iPad competitor, the new ZTE Light.

As far as specifications go, the tablet packs a 7-inch touch screen TFT display and running Android’s 2.1 OS (ZTE’s first tablet to use Android) which seems rather strange firstly, ZTE haven’t so much a glanced at Android before and secondly, many devices today are touting Android 2.2.

For your money (no price disclosed as yet) you get 512Mb of RAM, thus issues of lagging and rather sluggish behaviour may arise if one too many apps are opened. As well as this, you get a paltry  512Mb of internal memory, though this can be cured and greatly increased to a maximum of 32GB via the purchase of an additional MicroSD  card which can be snuggley fitted into the card slot housed by the tablet.

As with many devices doing the rounds at the moment, you’ll also be able to access all the usual Google services and multiple email accounts along with GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth support.

A nice music and video player with MP4 support will come as standard and battery time will be greatly welcomed at around 10hrs. Plus it seems a rather lowly 3.0-megapixel camera has been, how can we say, ‘tacked on’, as it comes with neither a flash or auto focus but this seems to be our only little niggle we have so far.

Other than that we have no news on pricing or exact launch date at the moment but signs seem to indicate a Beijing-side release for the end of the month.


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