WSJ on Apple iPad could cost $17.99/Month for Subscription

An article over at WSJ indicated that the subscription price for receiving WSJ content on the Apple iPad [AAPL] device will cost $17.99/month. The information came from a fairly long article that speaks of the advertising and subscription models that different high profile magazines and papers are using.

The article also mentions that a four-month ad package will cost $400,000 although Coke and FedEx who are believed to have signed up would not comment on it.

The Apple iPad is certainly a new interesting way to read news daily. With it’s larger screen and full colour display it can showcase some very good interactive content. The Wired application (not specifically for the iPad, as it includes other tablets too), is one example of how the tablet devices are changing the way we see adverts and interact with content.

Steve Pacheco of FedEx has said that things you can do are just mind blowing, in terms of running adverts that users can interact with rather than just see on a banner tucked away on the screen.

Publishers do need to get the balance of ads just right though as they don’t want to be classed as being annoying, but at the same time the publishers do need to make money to pay staff to create content etc… which is why WSJ are leaning towards a subscription model.

On a side note, the $17.99/month is actually cheaper than subscribing to the print version which costs around $29/month. [Engadget]

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