Wired Reader for Tablets Demonstrated

Wired have demonstrated what their tablet based reader will run like. The Wired Reader app aims to immerse the user in real magazine content that hasn’t been altered by HTML. The content is designed on the Adobe InDesign software and allows users to seamlessly scroll around a magazine on a dual-navigation system that lets you scroll both horizontally and vertically.

As well as showing content as Wired want it to be displayed, 3D interactivity, video and audio are also thrown in to the mix. If Wired are reviewing a product, you can slide your finger across the product to rotate it in 3D to get a view from all sides. As well as being able to manipulate reviewed items real-time, you can also click to see video and listen to audio embedded on a page.

The Wired Reader application was designed to be an intimate application allowing you to interact with it fully unlike a webpage on a tablet where it’s normally “flat”, the Wired Reader lets you manipulate the pages with gestures.

The application it’s self starts as an Adobe AIR application although by using certain Adobe tools (packager for iPhone), the content can easily be converted to function on Android based phones as well as the Apple iPhone (and we assume the Apple iPad would be just the perfect tablet for viewing content on). AIR also runs natively on Windows tablets, Mac and Linux Operating Systems which basically means you’ll be able to use this application almost anywhere.

Check out the video below to see the amazing results of what you could and probably will be reading content like in the next few months.

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