Windows Phone Developer Tools Launched in Beta

Microsoft [MSFT] has launched the Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta version. Microsoft clarify that Beta means that the tools are almost ready to be launched and that it represents a near final version of the software.

Since the initial CTP release of the tools just this March, the Windows Phone Developer Tool CTP has been widely embraced by the community, and they have shown what’s possible on our new development platform.

It’s time to get serious about building the actual apps and games for Windows Phone 7 that consumers will be looking for starting this holiday season.

As well as launching the developer tools in beta, Microsoft also promise that they will be sending out pre-production preview devices for developers. These will be sent out this month as previously promised.

The device shipping date is July 19 and for those who cannot get hold of a preview device, Microsoft will be deploying test labs in major cities to let people have access if needed.

Lastly, to get your name in the queue, assuming you haven’t already sent in an email, you can now send an email to [email protected]. A field representative will get back to you as soon as possible. Again, these are preview phones, so they are limited in quantity. When you send email, please include the following information:

* Your name
* Company name, if applicable
* What city/state/country you are located in
* App(s) you plan on developing (category and brief description)

It seems like the official release date is almost here for Windows Phone 7. We have been hearing that it is coming sooner than originally planned according to some POS that arrived at AT&T [T] recently.

More details of the beta software can be found over at the Windows blog.

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