Windows Phone 7 Update for Samsung Omnia 7 Disabled

You may remember yesterday that reports were appearing saying that the new Windows Phone 7 update is causing problems for the Samsung Omnia 7 smartphone.

The update being installed was a very minor update that made a few changes to the way WP7 will update in the future. However, when this process was run on the Omnia 7, it caused a few devices to be bricked, which is to say they were rendered useless due to a fault in the update.

We now hear that Microsoft has stopped the update for those running Samsung devices due to a problem being found. As soon as Microsoft [MSFT] manage to fix it, they’ll allow the remaining devices to be updated.

Although some of the Omnia 7’s are being bricked, this isn’t the case for many devices as others fail either too early or late enough in the 10 step update process. For those devices that don’t fail on step 6, all appears to be OK.

As for when the fixed update will go out, there has been no official announcement other than “as soon as possible”.

Via: Winrumors

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