Windows Phone 7 Series Unofficially Lands on HTC HD2

We’ve been told officially now that the HTC HD2 is not going to be getting a Windows Phone 7 Series upgrade due to the HD2 not meeting the technical chassis requirements, ie, it doesn’t have the three hardware buttons on the front face and potentially doesn’t meet other hardware and graphical requirements. Either way, it didn’t stop the HTC HD2 on T-Mobile last week from selling lots of units.

Anyway, we are now hearing that someone has managed to port a real working ROM of an early Windows Phone 7 Series build on to a HD2 over in Russia.

As well as getting the ROM working on the HD2 handset, we hear that most of the features work which includes Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and all other hardware functions which is good news. The downside is that the UI is quite choppy and laggy at the moment although we should note that this is common when porting a ROM from one device to another, or installing a ROM any any device that wasn’t really designed to be used on the hardware. Give them another month and they should be able to iron out that choppiness quite a bit.

Video confirmation of the Windows Phone 7 Series on the HTC HD2 shows that it is indeed working as said above. For hardware buttons mapping the folk who did the hack have used 2 of the 5 hardware buttons available for Start and Back functions. It is expected that the Home button will be mapped for the search button in the next build.

Via: RedmondPie and HTCPedia


  1. will there be a HTC HD2 available with windows phone7 after it comes out at least

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