HTC HD2 on T-Mobile Sells Well on First Day

Just a couple of days ago the T-Mobile HTC HD2 went on sale. Following on from the previous day’s announcement of the HTC EVO 4G we expected sales to suffer a little, but if the rumours are true then the HTC HD2 is still selling well.

We are hearing that around 21,700 units were sold via retail and employee sales. It isn’t clear if the numbers represent online sales. If not then the number will increase quite a bit.

It’s not bad despite a few kicks in the teeth that it’s had recently with the HTC EVO 4G announcement and the whole Windows Phone 7 Series thing where Microsoft [MSFT] confirmed the HD2 was not going to get the new OS. Either way, it all seems to have worked out well for T-Mobile.

The guys are Wirefly commented to Tmonews that sales had gone well…

‘Wirefly blew through its initial inventory (that they’d planned to last one week) before 3 PM and had to make an emergency order to keep up with the demand.

It will be interesting to get some official numbers rather than “calculated or guessed” numbers to see if they fit with what is being thrown around up above to see if the phone did as well as we hoped for, or if it came off worse than estimations quoted.

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