Windows Phone 7 Series Will get Copy/Paste… Just not at Launch

Yesterday we mentioned that Windows Phone 7 Series was not going to get a simple copy & paste function which at the time seemed like a huge step backwards. Microsoft [MSFT] were heard to say that users don’t want or need it, which we disagree with.

We are now hearing today that 7 Series users will be getting copy/paste functionality post-launch in an update. We hear that it will be made available via a blogger called Long Zheng who mentions that it will be in there, but due to adding more delays to the operating system launch it has been done away with to allow the OS to launch on time… but will appear afterwards in a post-launch update.

Rather than copy & paste being a basic function, it will probably follow the vein where hotlinks are detected and load up in Bing Maps, or load up the phone application. It will be a little more advanced we hear.

Of course it is unknown at the moment how long after the WP7S launch the copy and paste update will be provided, but I suspect early 2011 which will give the team a few months after launch to iron out problems and get the system working.

Via: BGR

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