Windows 8 Explained in 8 Minutes

Details about Windows 8 launched yesterday along with a developers download of the OS. The new operating system was detailed in a 3 hour keynote which packed in a lot of impressive details about where Microsoft is headed with the OS. Some people like Windows 8 while others think it will fail.

If you don’t have time to catch up on the 3 hour keynote then LifeHacker has put together a handy 8 minute preview of what the basics of the new OS are.

Microsoft is doing something unique with Windows 8. Apple has said the iPad ushers in the post-PC era which essentially means things are moving on from the PC. Microsoft’s concept is different here though as what they say is that PC and tablet can be unified together. In other words, your Windows 8 tablet is your PC so that when you get home you sit it on your desk and have all the data in one place pushed on to a larger screen.

We wont know if Microsoft will be successful with Windows 8 until the sales figures come in, but we expect to see some good competition against the iPad as businesses will be able to use all the apps from the desktop on a sleek and slim mobile device. Microsoft also hints at good battery life too which is always essential for mobile devices.

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