Windows 8 Developer Download Preview Coming Today

Microsoft has released Windows 8 to developers today. The Windows 8 download will be available at 8PM PT today. Microsoft made the announcement earlier today at the Build conference

The W8 download, at 8pm, will be available at and will be available in x86 32 and 64-bit. It is available with tools + apps or just apps if desired. To get it working there is no activation required and it is self-supporting.

As well as launching Windows 8 for developers, Microsoft [MSFT] is also launching a Windows Store although this wont arrive in todays build unfortunately. Apps that are available in the store will be designed to run on ARM based devices. It isn’t known how legacy apps will work just yet although all will be revealed in the coming weeks and months.

A quick run-down of the differences show that Windows 8 is very different to earlier versions of Microsoft operating systems. The aim of it is to improve everything that arrived in Windows 7. We have been told that software compatible with Windows 7 will also be compatible with Windows 8.

Another feature of Windows 8 is its ability to function well on several devices which includes tablets through PCs and even up to multi-server environments. For a full run-down of what’s included and what’s different, SlashGear have an excellent writeup about it.


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