webOS runs on PC Hardware

A PreCentral user has successfully loaded up a webOS image on to an IDE hard drive and managed to get it to run on a real PC, meaning it isn’t running as a virtual machine.

The image used comes from the webOS emulator which is compatible with x86 based processors. Some things to note though are that this method will not work with other types of drive such as SATA. IDE is the required type of drive at the moment.

The user, cdowers, used webOS on a standard Dell C600 laptop. Although the OS still runs at the same resolution that you’d get on a Pre smartphone for example, it is certainly an interesting test that could in the near future see webOS put on to tablet computers for example.

When we say in the near future, we literally mean that users are already working at bringing larger resolution support, mouse support as well as various other features that would make it a more friendly OS on a laptop.

With HP buying Palm recently, we also wonder what we will see in terms of webOS being used for devices other than phones. It is believed that the HP Slate was cancelled due to HP buying Palm with strong indications saying a webOS HP Slate will be launched but will be renamed to HP Hurricane.

Check out the video below to see a brief run down of webOS running on the Dell laptop.

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