WebOS 2.0 Beta Shots Released

We first heard of the Palm webOS 2.0 update last week when a few details about the OS were released.

Some screen shots of webOS 2.0 have now been released and published on a Chinese website called wibozi.

It isn’t known for sure if the screenshots were put together by fans, or if they are the real thing. Another screen shot can be found below.

Some of the features of the next version of webOS include HTML5 support that enhances various features. The Exhibition app fires up automatically when docking the Palm Pre with the touchstone. When loaded up, the app can be set to display various information such as slide shots, news content as well as social network updates.

From what we have read previously, we expect webOS 2.0 will be great. Hopefully Palm/HP plan to also use the OS on tablet devices as well.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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