Vodafone Causing A Stir With “Bloatware”

The UK Mobile network, Vodafone has yet again caused a bit of a kerfuffle (understatement) due to their latest update for the Samsung Galaxy S.

Many had believed that they would finally be able to get the latest update for Android, being 2.2 (Froyo), but this could not have been further from what was actually recieived. Instead rather, it seems that many forum members and Galaxy users have snarled at Vodafone in shovelling “bloatware” onto their new phones with apps that are either not needed, that cannot be un-installed and which take up valuable space or that many find, now finding performance issues such as increased call-dropping as a result of the new update.

According to T3.com, Vodafone were quoted as saying the following…

“Unfortunately the Vodafone update that you have received cannot be removed. However I understand how you feel about this and will feed this back to the powers that be just as we did with the feedback we received with the HTC Desire update.”

Currently, the network forums are buzzing and inundated with complaints and a few more “wordy” arguments against their Vodafone updates.

Is this right? Should network providers be allowed to supply their own apps or should it be upto somebody else? Then who?? Tell us what you think?

(Via T3.com)


  1. It’s causing carnage on the Vodafone eForum for the Galaxy S. What really grates is the arrogance of a carrier who think they know what customers want. If people wanted an embarrassingly clunky splash screen from Vodafone instead of the slick Samsung one, Voadfone should provide it as an option. If people want trial games placed on their devices, then they can get them from app stores, or Vodafone could supply them on request. If people want Vodafone 360 to launch accidentally every time they press the backspace button (Vodafone customers will know what I mean) they can be given the option. Basically, Vodafone continues to demonstrate contempt for its customers – and they are likely to start leaving in droves.

  2. Kirsty_Vodafone says

    Hi There

    We’re continuing to look into this matter and please rest assured we’re listening to your feedback. Our technical team is now working on a resolution to give Galaxy S users more choice over how they use 360 services, including the option to remove them. This is being looked at as a priority and as soon as we’ve got confirmed details we’ll share them with you.

    “In the meantime, we can tell you that it’s likely we’ll implement these changes through the forthcoming Android 2.2 update. This may mean there is a slight delay in delivering Android 2.2 to you because, due to the newly planned changes, the current version has to be re-worked and tested but we hope our variant will follow soon after Samsung releases the open market version.

    Web Relations Team
    Vodafone UK

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