Verizon Nexus One Briefly Appears at

Back in February a Google [GOOG] worker had commented that the Nexus One would be going to Verizon on March 23… that didn’t happen.

After a bit more waiting it appears that Google updated their website temporarily to include the Nexus One on the Verizon network with a price tag of $199 along with a two year contract. The information has been removed now although it has lead a number of people to believe that the launch might not be too far away now.

Of course we will never find out the reason why the information was uploaded and then taken down although we have seen this happen before with the phone on the AT&T network just a few weeks back.

Perhaps it’s a stocking issue as the T-Mobile contract version is currently out of stock, or maybe someone just pulled the trigger too early. Either way, we should see it land on Verizon [VZ] soon as well as Vodafone which both networks are currently in the “coming soon” section of the Google Phone website.

A screen shot of the phone on Verizon can be seen below although the site looks different now.

Via: Android Central

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