Verizon iPhone 4 Drops Less Calls than AT&T Version

AT&T and Apple has faced a bit of criticism over the years about the iPhone and it’s dropped call rate. It has never been completely clear as to where the fault is with some blaming one or the other.

Some data was collected in March that reveals the iPhone 4 on Verizon actually drops calls a lot less than the AT&T version. Numbers show that from those surveyed, 4.8% on AT&T had dropped calls, while only 1.8% on Verizon had experienced drop calls.

We also learn from other surveys over at ChangeWave Research that 46% of people will choose Verizon if they go for an iPhone 4 while AT&T had 27% of those questioned, saying they would get it on that network.

It seems that most people on both networks are actually satisfied with their iPhone 4 though with 82% on Verizon being very satisfied and 80% on AT&T being very satisfied.

Are dropped calls a problem? It seems like it although it doesn’t seem to affect too much if people are satisfied with their device.

Back on to the dropped call rates, it’s interesting to note that Verizon users in general, see dropped calls 1.4% of the time (which lines up with the iPhone 4 numbers). Likewise, AT&T users in general say calls drop at 4.6% which almost lines up with the AT&T dropped call rate.

Via: Business Insider

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