Verizon CDMA iPad Also Launching Soon

As well as announcing the Verizon iPhone yesterday, some comments were made after the press event that indicated a CDMA iPad will also be launching soon.

Rather than users needing to buy the iPad and a mobile hotspot from Verizon, like has been the norm for the past few months, users will soon be able to purchase an iPad that works on the CDMA network.

CFO Francis Shammo of Verizon Communications Inc. reported that when the CDMA iPad becomes available, it will come with an embedded chip that will make it compatible with the wireless carriers network. When this change occurs, it will mean that iPad users will no longer require an extra device to log into the Verizon network.

The current method uses a credit card sized wireless device with the WiFi iPad and wireless device putting the price at $629.99 to $829.99 depending on which capacity model you choose.

Having a CDMA iPad will certainly make the offer more attractive as well as bring prices down to the normal level we suspect. As for release dates and pricing, we are not sure yet what is happening. We don’t even know at this point if Verizon will launch it in April when the iPad 2 is rumored to be launching.

Via: Coated

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