Verizon Activation Fee for Tablets Being Dropped for Limited-Time Promotion

Verizon is dropping the $35 activation fee for those who purchase either a Samsung Galaxy Tab or Motorola Xoom on a month to month contract.

The price drop appears to be for a limited amount of time (promotion), and is effective from March 11 till whenever the deal finishes. When purchasing one of the qualifying tablet devices, you will see a charge for $35 on your first invoice although this will be accompanied by a $35 credit to zero the balance out.

This only applies to month to month contracts as mentioned above. Prices for those starts at $20/month for 1GB and go up to $80 for the 10GB plan. Four plans in total are available with 1GB, 3GB, 5GB and 10GB of data allowance and the latter three have the cheapest overages of $10/GB compared to $20/GB for the smaller plan.

Full details are listed below in the month to month pricing and details guide:

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