USB Storage Stone

Storage Stone
NetGurus came across a cool little 4GB USB mass storage device that looks like a stone. Apparently it will share similar properties to an actual stone (meaning it will hurt if you chuck it at someone). Hopefully all that hard protection will push it in to the rugged category of USB devices.

The drive is made from synthetic resin and it will measure 53 x 40 x 25mm. Looks great to me 🙂

Via: NetGurus


  1. now if only it had wireless usb I’d have my own little zen garden going on on my desktop ^.^

  2. Zeno, Internet Warlord says

    I’d probably lose it while walking outside, and never be able to find it amongst the real rocks.


  4. goldcoaster says

    Like Jack said, this is a modern day Pet Rock 🙂

    cheers from Australia

  5. Do they come in different rock size and colors?

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