The USB heated blanket

Yes thats right, the title is correct. Surely, come winter, you head down stairs to your computer or laptop when its nice and frosty outside. You don’t want to have to lug your bed covers with you and you don’t want to have to sit in front of a roaring fire with laptop in hand do you?

So what better way is there than to have with you a USB heated blanket? They come in 3 colours, pink, grey and navy blue.

With the blanket you get 2 USB cables. You can use one if its not sub-zero outside or both if the temperature decides to take a nosedive for that added heat and comfort. Its a novel and innovative idea to be able to sit on your couch with a laptop and be snug as a bug while being wrapped in this USB heated blanket.

Just like many USB devices today, the blanket draws its heat while being powered by your PC or laptop and come to think of it, seeing as it can plug into anything with a USB port… How about a gaming session in front of your TV with an Xbox or PlayStation on those cold winter nights. The blanket, after being heated, keeps itself hovering around 35 degrees with the USB cable itself a little over a metre in length, so you could even have room to fall asleep if the comfort levels were to your liking.

The cost for this is about $25.00 and can be purchased from

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