Touchscreen iMac anyone?

Rumours have started to abound all over the place at the moment regarding a new iMac Touchscreen that could be soon on the horizon.

The new touchscreen will be coming in at 22 inches, which could mean that it may be a little pricey due to the fact that any touchscreen at this size will need sensors placing right beneath the glass and brightness levels will take a knock as well.

What we do know at the moment is that, according to T3 and Digitimes, Sintek Photronics has apparently been sending samples of projected capacitive touch panels to Apple to be incorporated in the latest iMac all-in-one (AIO) PC with the sensors and glass integrated. This means that they could be of use on the larger iMacs and provide better viewing angles, as well as making them thinner in the process.

With all this being said though… Is this really needed? Would you buy one? Or is this more of a novelty?? Let us know what you think

(Via: T3 and Digitimes)

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