TomTom and Garmin Must be Hating It

TomTom-GarminLooks like both TomTom [TOM2] and Garmin [GRMN] might be hating life right now thanks to Google Maps Navigation that was announced. As can be seen in the graph here, things are heading in the wrong direction.

Perhaps the regular GPS/Satnav makers can hang on to one thing which is that the new Google Maps Navigation is available on Android 2.0 at the moment which doesn’t even have a market share yet, (ok, 2 things), and that it relies on having the said phone available on a network to download the maps real time. After a recent trip to the middle of nowhere I found that my online navigation just didn’t function when it had to replan a route. With nav systems like TomTom and Garmin they do store data off line on the memory card, so they do have a good benefit for some.

It will be interesting to see which direction things move in over the next few days and months. Follow the graphs here…

Tip to Engadget for spotting this.

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