Google Maps Navigation Launches on Android 2.0

google-navGoogle [GOOG] have announced that they have created Google Maps Navigation that will be available on Android 2.0 phones. The new navigation system is free and is far better than the standard Maps program that is currently available. Whereas before the map system wouldn’t hand out directions (although it could follow you), the new version provides full navigation features.

The Google Maps Navigation is completely free which gives it an advantage and it works based on data downloaded as needed so you wont actually need to download all the maps. Searching is made easy as you can voice search and don’t necessarily need to know the full address to plan a route. The system also can use traffic information and use street view for helping you in your travels.

When docking the phone running the Maps Navigation software the icons are made larger so that it’s easier to use while in the car.

Back on to search, you can search by business name such as looking for a nearby McDonalds (all by text or voice) or search for types of places like particular food restaurants such as Chinese food.

When travelling along an indicator glows either green, yellow or red depending on current traffic speeds along the route. By tapping the screen an overview of traffic is shown allowing you to re-plan around if necessary.

For viewing you can choose satellite view which uses the route overlaid on 3D satellite views ot the next option is using Street view which uses a guide overlaid on to the imagery.

Impressive stuff and a very nice welcomed addition to Android compared to the other free options that are currently available.

Via: TechCrunch

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