TomTom Announced Lifetime Map and Traffic Updates in the US

TomTom have announced that a number of their products will now come with lifetime map updates as well as traffic updates. This will allow users of TomTom devices to always have up to date maps and coverage in North America.

The service will cost no extra for customers who will be able to take advantage of the updates for the lifetime of the device.

‘The nation’s roads are changing every day, so TomTom is proud to offer Lifetime Map Updates on our portable navigation devices, said Tom Murray, vice president of market development for TomTom Inc. ‘This feature, in conjunction with TomTom’s Lifetime Traffic Updates, offers our customers the assurance that they will always have the industry’s most accurate maps and the real-time traffic information they need for hassle-free navigation.

It is estimated that roads across the US change about 18% per year, so by having free updates it always keeps you current with the latest roads and any changes that might have occurred.

The traffic updates also provide updates to traffic conditions on the route you are travelling. When a TomTom device is connected to the web through a mobile phone the current traffic information is downloaded to the device every three minutes. If the current route has delays other routes are automatically calculated if the other routes will get you to your destination quicker.

All TomTom products featuring Lifetime Updates also include TomTom’s proprietary IQ Routes¢ Technology and TomTom Map Share¢. IQ Routes offers the most efficient routing for any time of day or day of week. This feature, combined with the real-time traffic information via Lifetime Traffic Updates, ensures the very best routing possible. Map Share allows users to make map improvements on their device and share these improvements with the TomTom community.

TomTom devices in the TomTom XL and XXL product lines are now being made available with the real time updates for traffic as well as frequent map updates. The cheapest price (recommended retail price) sees the range start at $199.95.

Lets hope these changes also pan out to Europe and the rest of the world. It makes you wonder if this move is due to the ever changing landscape in the satnav arena from the likes of Google Maps and OVI Maps from Nokia.

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