T-Mobile HTC HD2 Confirmed for March 24 – $200

T-Mobile have confirmed the launch date and price for the HTC HD2 on their network. The HTC HD2 will be launched March 24 and will cost $199.99.

The release date and phone price were already known from unofficial sources, but T-Mobile have actually confirmed this themselves. The $199.99 price is for a contract version of the phone. An off contract version is also available that will cost $450.

The HTC HD2 on the T-Mobile networks brings a few unique features making it slightly different from other versions of the HD2. Out of the box you get access to Blockbuster video on demand. The memory card has a couple of Transformers movies pre-loaded and access to a number of channels including MTV, NBC and a few others.

Although it started off as being an amazing phone the recent news of it not getting a Windows Phone 7 Series update have kind of dulled the magic of the phone. Instead we should all just hope the HTC HD3 is launched. If the specs of the rumoured HD3 are correct and not just a rumour then the HD3 is set to be a fantastic phone.

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