HTC HD2 NOT getting Windows Phone 7 Series – Confirmed by Microsoft

The bad news has finally been confirmed by Microsoft [MSFT] saying that the HTC HD2 will NOT be able to get a Windows Phone 7 Series upgrade. This was kind of revealed last week, but not through an official channel.

For a few months there were a few hints around from various HTC Twitter streams as well as some information from Adobe forums indicating that the HD2 might be getting the update, but just last week some information was put together showing that the HTC HD2 doesn’t meet specific hardware requirements that Windows Phone 7 Series demands.

In particular Windows Phone 7 Series devices much have three physical buttons on the front of the device, the HD2 has five buttons. Also other restrictions within the hardware (nothing confirmed technical wise) is believed to be another factor. This could include the graphical capabilities of the device not being up to par.

Engadget pointed out that every MS employee seemed to have a HD2 at the meet up today. If you do happen to have purchased a HD2 then I guess it’s bad luck if you were hoping to get the WP7S upgrade. However, it’s still a fantastic phone even on Windows Mobile 6.5, so should give you some years of life out of it.


  1. The HTC HD2 is really a lame duck handset now, because Windows Mobile 6.x is a dying platform. Adobe has stopped development of Flash for it. Skype has pulled out. Developers are abandoning it. For this reason, I would not recommend the HTC HD2, or any other Windows Phone on the market now (they all use Windows Mobile 6.x).

    HTC can make great handsets, but the Android ones have a better future.

  2. You make a good point there Kate. 6.5 wasn’t the greatest OS made (no where near it actually), but as you say, HTC are making some fantastic Android handsets at the moment. Not sure if WP 7 Series will pull MS through or not yet till I get to test a unit out.

  3. Honestly, from what I am hearing about Wp7s I think I would rather get the HD2 without it. It seems that most of the flexability that I enjoy will be gone. I see the wp7s as something of a copy of the iPhone and if I wanted one I would not be using windows mobile right now. I understand the wp7s is an attempt to be more user friendly but it would be nice if they could keep the functionality. Not multitasking really hurts because I use that often. Until I get a device in my hands though I will not be sure of what I am thinking now. I think windows mobile could have been great if they just made it more finger friendly and kept people out of the files that could mess up the device.

  4. I’m due an upgrade in a couple of months and have had my eye on the HD2 since it came out. Must admit to being a little disappointed about the timing but with things moving so quickly there comes a point where you just have to put a line in the sand and say “I’m doing this now”.
    As with most things that Microsoft launch they rarely seem to meet the expectations and sales pitch on day one. I think I’m going to stick with my decision to upgrade to the HTC HD2 but keep to an 18 month contract – that way I don’t need to be disappointed for too long if wp7s turns out to be excellent and also gives MS chance to work out any ‘glitches’.

  5. hd2 is like the best windows phone and this is what microsoft did to it .. shame on those lousy

  6. Someone should tell HTC to support Android 2.2 for HTC HD2, there is still money to be made. The handset is good, it is a waste to run Windows OS.

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