T-Mobile G2 Captured on Camera

Earlier this week a T-Mobile G2 mini site was launched. The G2 is a step up from the G1 and brings a list of improved features such as a faster processor, more memory, better screen and an updated Android OS. Another feature is that it will be compatible with HSPA+ networks allowing it to receive and send data at 4G speeds on the T-Mobile network.

The new smartphone is expected to have a 3.7 inch screen and also have a sliding QWERTY keyboard as pictures above. One thing we noticed when compared to the G1 is that a row of keys is missing with the QWERTY being the top row with numbers on the shift key.

A design feature sees the chin dropping on the G2. We are unsure why the screen is raised in the picture, but from what we have heard, it doesn’t tilt. Perhaps the G2 opens outwards in an arc rather than the upwards swing of the original.

We’ll continue to watch this one. Check out Engadget for a few more clear pictures of the device.

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