T-Mobile G2 Mini Site Launched – Will Run at 4G Speeds

Almost 2 years ago, the T-Mobile G1 was launched. When launched, it ran Google Android which started a new class of smartphones. The phone seemed to quickly grow old in that many other Android smartphones have been launched although the G1 has a good following of people who still use it.

The T-Mobile G2 will soon be launching as the successor to the G1. With it will come updated features with the device it’s self capable of connecting up to the T-Mobile HSPA+ network allowing it to transfer data at 4G speeds.

A mini site has been launched that allows you to register your interest. Other than a few basic details such as how quick it will transfer data at, there isn’t much else mentioned on the site.

Things that we expect it will have is a faster CPU, better and higher resolution screen, better camera with HD capabilities and Android 2.2 to name a few things.

We’ll keep an eye on the T-Mobile G2 as we think it will sell rather well!

You can check out the mini site here.

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