Text-Based Adventure Games For Kindle

You may not remember, but way back when computers weren’t too well equipped enough to power any kind of graphics to speak of, one craze that quickly grew amongst the more ‘geeky’ or ‘nerdy’ groups was the ‘text-based adventure’ first realised during the mid 1970’s.

Text-based adventure games such as Zork, Zork 2 and Zork 3 used a simple verb-noun parser to interpret these instructions which allows the player to interact with objects at a basic level, like typing “open door”, “use weapon” or “get key”. Since then later text adventures nowadays are able to interpret far more complex sentences.

In the last couple of days a clever coder has created an interface for the e-book reader browser that allows the user to play text-based adventure games. Though due to its electronic ink screens such as Kindle’s, they’re not as advanced to be able to render the same kind of graphics found on handhelds like the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP or come with a back-light to play in the dark but for now at least this seems the perfect avenue for gaming on a text based piece of kit such as the Kindle.

(Via:  Wired.co.uk)

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