The Superplexus

Perplexus is a handheld game that you can easily carry around with you due to it’s small size. The aim of the game is to get a ball bearing from one side of the sphere to the other side without it dropping off the track. The Superplexus is almost the same other than it costing $30 grand and being about 10 times larger than the original smaller model.

It’s a full 3D spherical labyrinth that requires you move a large 5/8″ wooden marble through the course. A number of obstacles need to be passed such as hairpin bends, spirals, stair cases and a vortex. It takes around 400 hours to build a single game, hence the $30k price tag, and the whole puzzle sits inside a sphere measuring 3 feet in diameter.

To give you an idea of how long the track is on the device, it’s the equivalent a football field in length with an extra 31 feet on the end of that. Mixed in to the wooden marbles’ journey are eight points where the ball foes from the wooden track to 1/16″ stainless steel wire pathways to make the challenge even harder.

It’s a crazy amount of money to spend on the gadget although if money isn’t an issue you have to admit that it looks like a fun game to play.

Available now from Hammacher costing $30,000.

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