360 Puzzle Sphere

360_puzzle_sphereThis crazy looking puzzle is encased in a sphere. Inside the sphere you will find an amazing 3D maze with a ball bearing inside. The task you have is to get the ball bearing from one side to the other.

The 360 puzzle looks absolutely fantastic I have to say. While the ball rolls around you need to worry about gravity pulling the ball off the maze as well as working with hand – eye coordination to get to the end of the puzzle. Luckily if you choose training mode you can actually pick up the game from where you failed… a bit like save points on a video game.

360 Puzzle Sphere Features

* Improve hand-eye coordination, and spacial relations
* 19cm (7.5 inches) in diameter
* Appropriate for ages 8 to 108! (Super-centenarians, ask your doctor)

The 360 Puzzle Sphere is available from ThinkGeek at quite a good price of $14.99.


  1. That looks a great muddle – I bet even if I could solve it, it’d take me quite a few goes. wouldn’t it be great to have a virtual version in a phone or handheld that could be generated anew – so once you solved it you’d get a new one?

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