Space Saving Picture Table

Space saving designs and ideas are always welcomed when you don’t have a lot of space to play with – at home, work or any multifunction space! Ivy Design have designed a table that doubles up as a photo frame…confused? The table is mounted onto a side wall and can be rotated and fixed onto the wall to disguise itself as a photo frame. The size of the table when erected is 130x85x78cm and it is made out of wood, with plexi glass for frame part. You can also purchase the table with a mirror option instead of a photo frame.

With a table usually being quite a space consuming piece of furniture and this idea makes such a prominent object become a decorative one when not in use, without a doubt this is ideal for cramped spaces…but I can’t help thinking…what about the chairs?

Currently the website have no details about price and availability, although they do state it is in production in Italy.

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