Sony VAIO P Series Teardown

Just hours after receiving details of the new Sony VAIO P Series (second gen model), we now get to see all the insides of the lime green version.

The new Sony VAIO P Series was first announced this morning where we learned that it has a GPS built in along with accelerometers, 3G data connectivity amongst a few other new features.

The teardown reveals that Sony has done a lot of work squashing all the components in to the P Series although in doing that they also get rid of a standard SSD and change it for another SSD with a different non standard connection.

Although it looks the part, it does cost $799, or will cost that I should say as it isn’t available just yet. The downsides are that it appears to run fairly slow in the Engadget review and especially when rotating from landscape to portrait mode. Also the resolution is so high that it does make reading some content fairly difficult.

Full review from Engadget can be found here while the teardown pics can be found below with more over here.

Via: SlashGear

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