Sony VAIO Z Series gets Quad SSD

We first mentioned the Sony VAIO Z Series notebook a few weeks ago around the time of CES. Sony today pushed out a press release that gives a few more details about the notebook and also when it will be showing up in Europe.

First off, the specs. The VAIO Z Series will come with a Quad SSD that’s configured in a RAID 0 setup. Having a quad SSD RAID 0 configuration allows for data to be shifted up to 6.2 times quicker than a 5,400 HDD configured in an array. The 6.2 speed increase (potentially) should make it one very quick notebook where accessing data is concerned. Also the VAIO Z supports an Intel Core i7-620M processor (depending on the model you choose) along with a healthy 6GB of DDR3 memory.

A second unique point about the VAIO Z series is the high performance dynamic hybrid graphics system it uses. The notebook basically has two options to switch between an NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M GPU for when performance is needed and when not you can manually or automatically switch down to a lower spec Intel based configuration which we assume is done real-time.

The screen is capable of a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and measures 13.1 inches (again, depending on which model you choose).

Other features on the notebook include a light sensor detecting the ambient light when you are working and adjusts the screen and keyboard backlights to a more easier level as well as saving power when using the notebook in various lighting conditions.

For connectivity wireless N is built in as well as a 3G mobile broadband connection allowing you to be connected wherever you are.

The Sony VAIO Z Series will be going on sale in Europe at the end of March.

Full details and specs to be found at Sony.

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