Sony VAIO F and Z Series Introduced

Sony have launched two more notebooks called the VAIO F and VAIO Z series. This comes alongside the announcement of the VAIO Y series we just wrote about. The VAIO Z Series is described as being ultra-portable while the VAIO F Series is described as being a multi-media notebook.

The Z Series weighs just over three pounds and is housed in carbon-fibre and aluminium making it very durable. The screen on this notebook measures 13.1 inches and is backlit by LED. The model also can be supplied with a Blu-Ray optical drive and be used to output to HDTV’s if desired.

The VAIO Z Series uses a hybrid graphics system that lets you turn back the graphics performance allowing for a longer battery life if needed vs more 3D capabilities and powerful graphics if you want to sacrifice a bit of battery life.

Included in the VAIO Z Series is an integrated 3G mobile broadband connector that is provided by Verizon. However, the 3G mobile broadband is an optional extra. For those who are happy with just wireless or Bluetooth to tether to a phone the notebook has both of these built in with wireless functioning at 802.11n.

The Z Series only comes supplied with SSD’s rather than HD and capacities in the range go up to 512GB for storage.

The VAIO F Series has a 16.4 inch screen that is in a HD resolution. Sony describe the machine as the ultimate multi-media and entertainment notebook. A Blu-ray drive is provided as standard allowing for 1080p playback via the HDMI output port. Graphics on the VAIO F Series are provided by an NVIDIA GeForce dedicated graphics card that takes away demands from the main CPU. The main CPU is an Intel Core i7 processor that has 4 cores and is capable of Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost technologies. Having the extra cores allows for smoother multitasking when needed.

The F Series comes with Windows Home Premium while the Z Series comes with Windows 7 Professional.

The Z Series is set to be priced at $1,900 when launched in the Spring. The F Series will be priced starting at $1,000.

Full details and more images can be found at Sony.

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