Sony Readers See Price Drops

Recently Amazon has dropped the price of the Kindle. The new Kindle that comes in Graphite, has dropped $110 to $379 while the smaller model dropped to $189. Barnes and Noble also dropped the price of the Nook to $149 (wifi model – 3G dropped to $199). Sony seems to be following by dropping the price of the Sony Reader. There are several models which have dropped in price as follows…

Sony Readers:
Pocket Edition: From $169 to $149
Touch Edition: From $199 to $169
Daily Edition: From $349 to $299

Pocketbook Series:
Pocketbook 360: From $239 to $199
Pocketbook 301: From $279 to $219
Pocketbook 302: From $339 to $279

It’s an interesting move for Sony. We can’t really say they’ve had amazing sales and generally the company seems to be forgotten about in regards to eReaders due to the lack of updates and how much they push the platform. Either way, it’s good to see some price wars going on as it’s better for us who end up buying the various products.

Via: Gear Diary

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