Amazon Kindle 3G now $189

Amazon has lowered the price of the Amazon Kindle bringing from $259 down to just $189. It is believed that the price drop was in response to Barnes & Noble dropping the Nook down from $299 to $199 just recently although Amazon hasn’t confirmed if this was what sparked the price drop.

The Amazon Kindle at $189 is the smaller 6 inch model. The large 9.7 inch DX still cost $489 although that “might” drop in price soon to follow.

Perhaps another reason could be for Amazon to release a new model although right now, we have not heard anything to indicate this is the case.

$189 for the Amazon Kindle (Global model) is quite a good deal and well worth looking at if you prefer an eReader vs a Tablet such as the iPad.

More details on the Nook price change can be found here, and the Amazon Kindle can be found here.

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