Sony Reader eBooks to Last One-Third Longer Per Charge

A couple of new Sony Reader eBook devices are launching soon. We first heard about them a couple of weeks back where we expected them to be thinner than the current versions.

From what the poster above (larger below) shows, the two new Readers are called the Sony Reader Pocket Edition and the Sony Reader Touch Edition.

Each appears to have a new user interface. The pocket edition will have a 5 inch display while the touch edition will be a little larger at 6 inches. Other details include a couple of thousand extra page turns per charge taking it up to 10,000 page turns per battery.

As expected the devices are thinner and lighter than the previous models and more memory, 2GB, has been crammed inside them. 2GB is good for up to 1200 eBooks.

It isn’t clear when Sony will launch the new Sony Readers but we expect it wont be too far off now considering the posters have been captured and the details are starting to flow. Price wise, we expect they wont be cheaper than the Kindle or Nook that both recently saw price drops.

Via: Engadget

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