Sony PSP Phone Not Happening this Year According to Sony

Back in August there was a big suggestion that a Sony PSP phone running Android 3.0 could be launched. The rumours also claimed that we could see the PSP Phone within three months of August.

We now hear from Sony that this is not happening. Questioned by Seattle Times, SCEA SVP Peter Dille said about the PSP Phone…

“No new mobile launches this year,” he said in response. “Our strategy is to maintain the PlayStation brand on Sony devices and provide experiences that are exclusive and proprietary.”

So although this certainly doesn’t seem to be happening this year, it could happen in 2011. The only real question is that of Android being used. Sony Ericsson has of course used Android on a few smartphones, so it could be used. But the Playstation Brand was described as being proprietary in Peter Dille’s response. We’ll just have to wait and see it seems.

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  1. There havent got a clue unfouritainly to them in a few years Apple will own the mobile market they need a Playstation Phone becasue the iPod brand is COOL!!!!!!!! so is the Playstation Brand , and there not going to beat Nintendo at the handheld gaming market this is there next best bet and i think …. it speaks for it’s self if Sony was goin to lanch a Play Station phone sooner the better and the fact they cart work out the market almost shows the intellingence behind the company … it Sonys reading get workikn on the Playstation Phone becasue the erricson brand is laggin very behind.

  2. If they make an android psp phone then they stand a chance of competing in the the hand held market if not then they are screwed simple as that. If they do make a psp phone I suggest making it in conjunction with the next psp make it as powerful and dual release games (e.g. iphone/ipod touch) if they make two distinct devices then there screwed again.

  3. Charles Dickens says

    2011 Will be too late IMO. Windows phone 7 with XBL integration, yet another interation of the Iphone, are just examples of why by 2011 the sony brand will be irrelevant in the mobile market. Gingerbread will be obolete by then, only giving IOS and Windows Phone 7 time to refine their product capabilities. Sony is losing potential customers everyday that they wait to deliver a true all in one mobile entertainment device. I can’t understand how a global company like Sony, with so many resources to pull from to create a true powerhouse device and dominant space in the market, is so out of touch and just blowing a perfect opportunity to combine it’s internal forces and just get it done. I’m sure this is because, in the end, Sony is a Japanese company trying to compete with American entrepenuership. They dont stand a chance.

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